Enjoy Christmas with free freight on our Christmas day wine pack

Enjoy a selection of our favourite wines on Christmas day delivered to your front door for FREE.

Start your Christmas day with our rare red moscato Aleatico originating from Elba in Italy. This wine has intese lychee and rose turkish delight characters and our favourite food match is with gorgonzola stuffed figs wrapped in proscuito.

As the day progresses and the seafood comes out our biodynamically grown Pinot gris is the perfect match, recently acclaimed by master of wine Rob Geddes this is a perfect food wine with fresh lifted pear flavours, crisp acid and a complex textured palate.

What's Christmas day without some great cheeses? The perfect wine with those soft creamy cheeses is our biodynamically grown Chardonnay. Just watch the complex sweet buttery character of the wine jump out of the glass then just sit back and enjoy the ride as the wine progresses through the full range of stone fruits finishing with a fresh citrus climax.

At our house we will be getting close to lunch now and ready to move on to some smoked and cured meats along with some red wines. Our Creators series Nebbiolo is on the money to pair with the complex smokey and earthy flavours of salami, proscuito and smoked meats and is currently drinking extremely well. We just love the slatey earthyness of this wine and the licorice hit you get half way down the palate.

If your planning a roast dinner or just like to spend the afternoon mellowing out with a glass of red, then the new release Lost Flock is our pick. Rich chocolate flavours and complex velvety tannins give way to a long lingering raspberry finish and is a perfect match for the rich flavours of Christmas dinner.

Lets end the day with something really special constructed using the ancient winemaking techniques from Georgia, South of Russia. Our 8000 vintages is something truely unique based on the famous wine style Kindszmarauli. This deep purple and complex wine is something that most people have not ever tried in Austrlaia and is similar to a light ruby port and is the perfect match for Christmas pudding, mature cheddar and strong cheeses. Traditionally drunk with very smokey BBQ pork our 8000 vintages is ideal to round off Christmas day.

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