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    The Creators Reserve Australian Solera Tawny 750ml

    $30.00 each

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    Solera means ‘on the ground’ and is a process for ageing fortified wines in rows of barrels, with each row made up of many barrels. Wine moves from the top most rows to the bottom over many years before being bottled with the average age gradually increasing as the process continues over many years. Our Reserve Solera Tawny is a complex blend of young fresh port with aged softer material with the richness of Shiraz and the softness of Grenache. It has a classic dark caramel colour with aromas of spicy fruitcake and raisins on the nose leading into a palate of rich and intense ripe boiled fruit with aged flavours as a direct result of blending younger and mature wines.


    Made by Tractorless Vineyard

    The Southern Highlands is the closest wine region to Sydney,and has some of the lowest WINE MILES for any Sydney based wine enthusiast, Working from the winemaking facility Eling Forest at Sutton Forest we are leading the regions charge into a more sustainable long term wine industry. We aim to reduce our resource use by the integration of natural farming systems in our vineyards to provide a more long term sustainably balanced and diverse farming system that can continue to produce award winning wines. Towards a TRACTORLESS VINEYARD embraces a combination of old world knowledge and skills with new world winemaking techniques all guided by Biodynamic principles. Visit website

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