The Creators Nebbiolo 750ml

$45.00 each
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Deep rich and dark, Aromas of liccorice and black earth are lifted by a vibrant red rose character giving the aroma of this rich wine a lively lift. The deep earthy tannins follow on the pallet and open up to a delicate rose finish, displaying all the characters of a great Nebbiolo with a softer more velvet like finish.

Cellaring: The extended period on skins creates wines of fantastic ageing potential. Although this wine is drinking well now we believe cellaring 5 years or more will truly reward those with patience.

Food Pairing: We recommend matching our creators Nebbiolo with the earthy rich flavours of truffles or strong meats like salami.

Place of origin

Hill tops NSW

About Tractorless Vineyard

The Southern Highlands is the closest wine region to Sydney,and has some of the lowest WINE MILES for any Sydney based wine enthusiast, Working from the winemaking facility Eling Forest at Sutton Forest we are leading the regions charge into a more sustainable long term wine industry. We aim to reduce our resource use by the integration of natural farming systems in our vineyards to provide a more long term sustainably balanced and diverse farming system that can continue to produce award winning wines. Towards a TRACTORLESS VINEYARD embraces a combination of old world knowledge and skills with new world winemaking techniques all guided by Biodynamic principles. (Website)

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