Bee keeping

    c) 19th November - Beginning beekeeping

    $260.00 each

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    Join John from EezyBeez for this one day intensive beginner beekeeping workshop. Learn about bee behaviour, the equipment you will need to get started, rules of beekeeping and how to manage your hive for success in beekeeping. On the day we will cover the theory of beekeeping and how to care for your bees and you will have a chance to get up close and personal with the bees and see the workings of various styles of hives (weather permitting). Gain the skills to get started in beekeeping with support available to you to keep you on track. There is also an opportunity to order your hive and a nucleus of bees to get your hive started in Spring. This is a chance for you to look beyond the mystery of beekeeping and gain the confidence to start looking after your own bees.

    For more information please call John on 0410 59 00 44

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