Welcome to Caves Road Club

We are very excited to let you know of our new co-operative arrangement with a number of local Southern Highlands artisan-made wines, beers, cheeses and produce. 

Showcasing some of what the Southern Highlands has to offer with products, events, tours, classes and tastings all on offer from our local producers.

Our offers are sent out eight times a year and comprise a selection of our wines, ciders and  beers in peak condition, which have been chosen for their seasonal quality and interest. There is no obligation to take up each offer. Each offer will comprise a seasonal selection of our produce from our farm and winery.

Members are able to order as many of each offer as they would like and even have them sent to friends and family around Australia as a gift. Once we receive your order, we then send it to you on a pre-advised day by courier, packed in a specially designed box with product information sheets.

Our current producers are Tractorless Vineyard, Cuttaway Hill, Dcider, Pigs Fly beersTractorless farm-gate produce and 1910 bottling company

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